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(This post applies only to US produce shippers who have PACA licenses and who include a PACA trust legend on their invoices.) Most US shippers of produce have PACA licenses and protect their rights under the PACA trust by including a legend at the bottom of their invoices.  If a US shipper has both a PACA license and a legend at the bottom of its invoice, then it qualifies for the special protections of the


PACA and Invoices

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With the launch of our new website, we are also launching our Produce and Ag Trade Law Blog.  The blog will cover items that are of interest to traders in produce and other agricultural goods to and from the US.   We will also mention cases of note in federal and state courts. Legal notes – Invoicing and PACA Invoices are important and incorrect invoicing can lead to legal problems.  One serious problem arising in invoicing