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How We Serve Our Produce Clients
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At the Stokes Law Office, we represent clients in a number of ways with the agriculture and business matters, including the following:
  1. Contracts & Agreements – We represent produce merchants, farmers, sellers, buyers, consignees, brokers to help them comply with and protect themselves under PACA.     Our clients ask us to prepare, review and revise produce contracts and to advise them day to day on their produce dealings.   PACA has many protections and requirements that apply automatically, it is possible for a produce trader to give up these protections in a contract.  For this reason, produce receivers should strongly consider using a standard contract to protect themselves from PACA’s automatic provisions and produce shippers should carefully review any produce contract that they receive from a produce receiver.  Nearly every protection or requirement that the PACA law contains can be waived in a written contract or through correspondence!  Read and understand before you sign or agree to something.  Even a casual reply to an email can result in a waiver of a PACA protection.
  2. Advice & Consultation – Frequently our clients call us to ask a question or clear up a doubt that can arise when trading produce.   If the client has doubts as to whether it is required to do something under PACA or what the legal risks are from something that the client or another trade might do or what an inspection certificate might mean legally, the client can consult with us.
  3. Disputes – If one of our clients believes that it has a problem with one of its produce suppliers or receivers, we can assist the client with either reducing its risk or protecting itself before the problem becomes a full legal dispute.  If the client is unable to resolve the dispute, then we can represent the client before the United States District Courts or before the USDA.

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